Expertly Navigating Conflict: Your Path to Resolution

Resolving your disputes

It is well known that litigation can become very expensive, stressful and time consuming for the parties.

Horne Legal provides effective commercial dispute resolution services for individuals and businesses.

More often than not, our commercial clients can resolve their dispute in one to two sessions to avoid costly litigation.

Importantly, all negotiations in mediation are without prejudice and confidential. As such, it is a great opportunity to take a commercial approach to resolving any disputes.

The process we use involves parties mediating directly with each other, with or without lawyers present. We can also provide an option for the mediations to be conducted outside of business hours, and if necessary via Zoom. This often assist the needs of parties who cannot attend in person or during business hours.

Sessions are typically between three and four hours in duration, and most disputes can be resolved in one or two sessions. At the conclusion of each session, parties are provided with a Heads of Agreement which can be signed to provide finality or can form the basis of a more detailed contract to be drafted by the parties’ lawyers.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss how you can commence the process to resolve your dispute and get back to normality.

Workplace conflicts


Do you have an issue in your workplace?

Horne Legal can assist in helping parties in the workplace resolve matters before they escalate into much bigger conflicts and issues.

This is important to maintain culture and remove stresses which decrease job satisfaction and reduce productivity.

To find out more about how we can assist you, please contact us.

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